Jesse Henry


WoodSongs! is a unique collaboration where local and natural history come to life through song here in the Appalachian Foothills.  Join Columbus area singer-songwriter Jesse Henry for two events this Spring where the beauty of our natural and built landscapes will transform into song.
A free guided experience on Saturday afternoon, April 2 beginning and ending here at the Tecumseh Theater, will take participants on an walking tour through historic Shawnee, Ohio, the premier Little City of Black Diamonds, and into the Wayne National Forest which surrounds the town.  This guided experience will feature picturesque Tecumseh Lake and a hike on the Buckeye Trail led by a forest ranger and trail experts who will share the natural history, flora and fauna of the area.   After the 1-1/2 mile hike the group will kick back at the scenic lake to enjoy a short music concert put on by Henry,  who is known for his lead singer role in the Columbus area band known as the Spike Drivers.  Following the concert Jesse will lead the group in a collective songwriting session.   He will help foster lyrics and creativity with the group to complete a song about the shared experiences and inspiration of the day through the words of participants.  The day will be documented through video, photographs, and an audio recording, shared online and sharable with your friends.
Jesse will return to the Tecumseh Commons in Shawnee on Saturday evening, June 11th with equally inspired musician friends for a concert at the Tecumseh Commons in Shawnee.  Advanced tickets arrangements will be posted soon!

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Live Radio @ The Commons!
Save This Date:  Saturday, April 30

Details are being finalized, but plan on heading to Shawnee (or down the street for some of us) on Saturday, April 30 for a live internet radio show featuring various regional bands.  Tentative starting time is 2PM, running through 9 or 10pm.   Tentative Admission: $5 at the door (no advance sales).  Beer and food will be sold.  Stay tuned for the line-up.  Visit to learn more about Ohio Homegrown Radio, a site which feature original music 24/7!  Thanks to Jeremy Gibson and Randy Gleason for their work in organizing this event!


Becoming Legit…The Sign is Lit!

Thank You Cameron Blosser!

Linda Theater Signed Rewired

The left hand side first floor of our three-and-one-half story skyscraper (where our concerts a big events take place) was once the “little stage” of the Red Men’s Hall (as it was known in the day), serving as home to the Linda Theater movie house, operated by Louie Hatem until 1960.  The fading marquee for the movie theater was saved when the building was saved from the wrecking ball in 1977.  Over the years, the multiple light sockets were be post-operational, and the admired sign a relic of the past.   Little did we know that one of our faithful Tecumseh Theater Friends, Mr. Cameron Blosser, of nearby New Straitsville, had been eyeing the sign and imagining what it would be like to see it lit again.  Dreaming is one thing, action is another.  This winter Cam took on the task of restoring the electrical wiring for the sign.  He found the old wiring to be in remarkably good shape as he tested each socket.  A few internet searches later, perfect matches were found for the long-lost light bulbs and we now have the glitz of dazzling marquee to enjoy.  The debate as to where the sign’s final location will be in the theater is underway, but until then, Cam has built a sturdy stand on which the sign now hangs.  Expect it to be lit at upcoming events, and if you stop by, we’d be glad to plug it in for you!  Thanks so much Cam!