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Tecumseh Theater Spotlights:

The New Linda Cultural Impact

Louie Hatem, owner of the New Linda Theater from 1931 to 1955 was a guy that didn’t spare expenses. As this ad in John Fleming’s People’s Advocate indicates, he wanted residents around the Hocking Valley and Shawnee to have a great Saturday night experience! He even tried to track down the latest movies, traveling toContinue reading “The New Linda Cultural Impact”

The New Linda Theater

Ever wonder why the Tecumseh Theater has been referred to the “Linda Theater” and “New Linda Theater?” What’s the difference? A theater quickly was established on the left side of the first floor during 1909, and once sold, was then known as the Linda Theater. In 1931 the building was sold to Elias “Louie” Hatem.Continue reading “The New Linda Theater”

Basketball at the Tecumseh Theater

Did you know that the Tecumseh Theater used to have basketball games? Before the Shawnee gymnasium was built, basketball games took place in the theater’s second floor. Theater seats were never attached to the floor, so they could be moved aside for games, dances, and other events. In 1925, Brian Harnetty’s grandfather Mordecai Williams (1906-67)Continue reading “Basketball at the Tecumseh Theater”

The Indian Theater

Shawnee was home to many social, civic, and fraternal organizations that helped construct a large portion of the buildings still seen on West Main St today. These were the catalyst for downtown buildings all throughout the Little Cities of Black Diamonds microregion, many still stand today serving as a testament to those who built them.Continue reading “The Indian Theater”

Dances at the Tecumseh Theater

The second floor of the Tecumseh Theater has long been a place full of vibrant expression. One popular form of expression that took place on the second floor of the Tecumseh Theater was that of dance. Interestingly, the second-floor represents a tangible connection to the immigrant-rich history of Shawnee. During the Hocking Valley coal boom,Continue reading “Dances at the Tecumseh Theater”

The O’Bear Hotel

You might be wondering what the connection is between the O’Bear Hotel and Tecumseh Theater. The O’Bear sat on the same plot of land that the Tecumseh Theater sits on currently. Prior to the Improved Order of Redmen purchasing the O’Bear in 1904, the O’Bear was believed to be Shawnee’s first business and was ranContinue reading “The O’Bear Hotel”

Tecumseh Talks:

Community Member Deb Hutmire

Shawnee community member and advocate Deb Hutmire sits down with Grant Joy to talk about the Tecumseh Theater, how she came to know the space and her thoughts on the town’s potential and progress to becoming a county hub! It’s always the theater being used for something. It’s the fact that we have a place,Continue reading “Community Member Deb Hutmire”

A Letter from Grant Joy

Grant Joy Grant is originally from southwest Ohio. After college, he spent the past two years as an AmeriCorps member serving and traveling around Colorado and Vermont, before deciding to return closer to home in southern Ohio. His love of history, culture, and hiking drew him to his current position as an AmeriCorps member based inContinue reading “A Letter from Grant Joy”

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