Community Member Deb Hutmire

Shawnee community member and advocate Deb Hutmire sits down with Grant Joy to talk about the Tecumseh Theater, how she came to know the space and her thoughts on the town’s potential and progress to becoming a county hub! It’s always the theater being used for something. It’s the fact that we have a place,Continue reading “Community Member Deb Hutmire”

Shawnee Locals George and Linda Biggs

Locals George and Linda Biggs sit down with Grant Joy to talk about the Tecumseh Theater, it’s how they came across the building, and their first thoughts and joy for the space! I have always personally felt that the theater building is the cornerstone of Shawnee. At some point in time the theater will beContinue reading “Shawnee Locals George and Linda Biggs”

Perry County Judge Luann Cooperrider

Judge Luann Cooperrider and Grant Joy sit down together and talk about the Tecumseh Theater, it’s impact it has had in her life, what the Theater has meant to her, and what she dreams of it becoming! We own our culture. Whatever that is we own it. I sort of felt like I , whenContinue reading “Perry County Judge Luann Cooperrider”

A Letter from Grant Joy

Grant Joy Grant is originally from southwest Ohio. After college, he spent the past two years as an AmeriCorps member serving and traveling around Colorado and Vermont, before deciding to return closer to home in southern Ohio. His love of history, culture, and hiking drew him to his current position as an AmeriCorps member based inContinue reading “A Letter from Grant Joy”