Perry County Judge Luann Cooperrider

Judge Luann Cooperrider and Grant Joy sit down together and talk about the Tecumseh Theater, it’s impact it has had in her life, what the Theater has meant to her, and what she dreams of it becoming!

We own our culture. Whatever that is we own it. I sort of felt like I , when I walked into that theater, that maybe I’m a part of this too.

– Judge Luann Cooperrider

Sit down, get comfy, and listen in on their discussion to get more insight on the impact left by the Tecumseh Theater.

Judge Cooperrider’s:

A Fascinating Case, A Fascinating Perspective

October 10th, 2018 Judge Cooperrider presented a murder case study to local residents and brought the real facts of the Sam Sheppard case. The high-profile and controversial murder trial of Dr. Sam Sheppard, a neurosurgeon from a wealthy Cleveland suburb, has long fascinated legal scholars and the public alike. Judge Cooperrider presents her fascinating perspective developed over years of studying the case including extensive review of court documents.

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