2020 Fundraiser


Tecumseh Theater Fundraiser 2020

The community that has worked so hard to take care of the Tecumseh Theater needs your help. Like so many other people and businesses during the Covid-19 pandemic, the theater has lost its revenues. Many performances and events have been cancelled, festivals have been postponed, and the caretakers find themselves struggling to keep the theater going. At the same time, many of the village’s leaders and organizations have come together to recognize how central and important the theater is. Working together, they are inspired to create a new community to keep the theater running into the future.

 Join us in becoming a part of this new community working hard to save the Tecumseh Theater, and share in the wonder and inspiration the building creates. Your donations will go directly toward our immediate operation costs: you’ll be literally keeping the lights on in the theater, as well as going toward much needed maintenance and repairs. And, as this new community grows, your membership will help continue the restorations already begun.

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June 18th- Fundraiser Announcement

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